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“Tax preparers have an important job that requires earning the trust of the client. It is responsibility of a taxpayer to prepare and submit an accurate income tax return to the IRS, but if a tax professional do this job instead of taxpayer, then the posibilities of receive the full amount of the return increases. That’s why you need an honest, trusted and well prepared professional that keeps up to date on the continually changing tax codes and have the knowledge of both federal and state tax laws.”


Income Tax preparation

Is the process of preparing tax returns, often income tax returns, for a corporation. United States income tax laws are considered to be complicated and many corporations lose money for not preparing their taxes with a licensed professional tax return preparer. It’s important to consider the tax implications of each decision you make, now and into the future, how and when you make investments to grow your business is often determined by what the tax consequences are.


Corporate Services

Our Company provides a full suite of business financial administrative and corporate support services including:

  • Company formations including Corporations, S Corporations, Limited Liability Companies (LLCs), and Partnerships

  • Business document preparation and maintenance

  • Tax registrations

  • Statutory and representation office addresses

  • Bookkeeping and records maintenance services

  • Business set up and temporary staffing services



We provide personalized service that is designed to assist you manage your business financial position and keep your finances on track. Our services will give you confidence that your accounting system reflects your financial position so you can concentrate on running your business.



Includes calculating paycheck and tax obligations for each employee. Paychecks can be issued as often as you need – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, and even annually. We either issue the checks or make the calculations for you to do it. We also take care of taxes required to be paid to federal and state taxing authorities as a result of paying employees, and we send the required documentation and forms needed for each period.


Notary Public

Our office host a professional Notary Public that can help you with your personal or corporate notary needs. We specialize in Notarizing all types of Documents, such as, Wills, Affidavits, Power of Attorney’s, Marriage Licenses, Oaths, Contracts, VIN Certifications, Loan Documents or any legal document requiring a Notary Stamp.


New Corporations

To form a corporation in Florida, you need to file a form called Articles of Incorporation with the Florida Department of State and pay a filing fee. The corporation’s existence begins as soon as you file the articles of incorporation, unless the articles specify a later date. Many things may be included in the articles of incorporation, but, at a minimum, they must contain the following:

  • Name of the corporation

  • Street address of the principal place of business

  • Corporate purpose

  • Details on the corporation’s stock structure

  • Registered agent

  • Names and addresses of incorporators

Stock Structure

A corporation can have different types of stock, called classes or series. These types of stocks can have different advantages, for example one can offer voting rights while another may not. Regarding the stock structure, your articles of incorporation must state the following:

  • If there is only one class of stock, the articles of incorporation must state the number of shares authorized.

  • If there is more than one class of stock, the articles must provide a designation for each class and specify the number of shares, preferences, limitations and rights for that class.